A new Competition for your Sims and their pets/animals


Sims in various comps that I've either run or been in seem to enjoy posing their Sims with their Pets or other animals. That is what gave me the idea for this competition. [b]It is primarily a scenario competition for Sims and their Pets/animals.[/b] It will be a competition on how well you can present your male or female Sim with their pets/animals in a variety of situations, such as a rescue, or in the wild etc. You are to dress your model and their animal/pet for a variety of different circumstances. Obviously, it would be good to have cats and dogs for this competition, but you can use google animals if you don’t and/or use those we do have in Sims 3 or 4. 
I am putting this out to see if there is enough interest to set this competition in motion. Depending on interest, I will launch next month sometime.

Sims 3 and 4 are welcome as are male or female models.  The different rounds will incorporate a variety of animals to keep the competitio…

MySims Legacy Challenge

On this Page I've decided to add links to MySims Legacy Challenge, produced and developed by Alexis3142.

Alexis has developed a very interesting Challenge based on 20 generations with each generation based on different MySims Trophies found in the game.

Go here for the full details of Alexis' Challenge...

Generic Rules
1. You must complete the MySims Trophies (Collectables) Collection by the end of the challenge/ legacy
2. Money cheats can be used, but don't go overboard
3. You can follow any legacy succession rules you want here is the link: challenge-rules-succession-laws/.
4. Lifespan on normal or long, you can decide (I would recommend long because some of these generations are difficult)
5. You can use the Potion of Youth once per generation
6. If you fail to complete the rules for that generation you do not have to start …

Sophisticated Style, Cycle 3 - Smart and Casual

Sophisticated Style - cycle 3 - Smart and Casual
In this cycle of Sophisticated Style, we’ll be looking at Smart Casual wear for women, which still shows elegance but also comfort. It will have a range of occasions to match the categories and you will have quite a bit of choice in the accompanying tops, bottoms, accessories etc.

What is Smart Casual fashion? I hear some of you ask:
• Aim for a polished yet relaxed look with garments that are elegant and comfortable.
• Tailor your smart casual look to the occasions given in each round.
• Choose between pants, a skirt, tailored shorts or smart jeans to wear as bottoms.
• On top, you may like to try a white button-up for summer or a stylish sweater for winter.
• To wear a smart casual dress, opt for a classic style, such as a shirt or wrap design, in a neutral colour.
• Finish your smart casual look with a blazer and chic yet laid-back accessories.

** There will be no eliminations this time unless I get an influx of contestants all of a sudden. A…

Sims 4 Shiprecked Challenge

'Shipwrecked' A Sims 4 gameplay challenge Meet Kacey Dawkins the unfortunate Victim of  her Birthday Cruise SHIPWRECKED CHALLENGE
**Outdoor Retreat is needed for this challenge **Laundry Stuff Pack is also needed
You can make up your own introduction or use this if you want, this was just my starter but it can be anything...
On your first cruise to celebrate your 20th birthday, you encounter a cyclone that sends you off your course and exiles you on a remote island. Being the only known survivor and after recovering from the shock of your misfortune, you look around for any survivors but cannot find anyone at this stage so you set about trying to scrounge what you can from the shipwreck. You are fortunate enough to find a freshwater creek that provides you with fresh water. The survival kits that are packed and provided for each guest on the cruise in the case of an emergency are sealed i…

A New and Exciting Sims 4 Fantasy Writing and Modelling Competition - Mhybor's Harvest

1.Mhybor’s Harvest (adapted from a Dungeons and Dragons module)

A writing, roleplay and modelling competition for keen fantasy fans and writers. I’ve tried to cater to a range of people with the mix of class characters I’ve chosen, so I hope you find it interesting! It’s the first time I’ve even attempted to do this in a competition context, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions as we go along. Whether the information is too much, not enough room for your own creative writing, these are the sort of things I’ll need feedback about. The length and timing of this competition will depend on participation and how the story evolves. I will be trusting you as players, and my judges, to help me review this as it goes along, but as a ball park figure I’d be giving between 10-14 days to complete each round. I will provide some of the backgrounds for certain rounds as the shots will sometimes need to be taken in a specific location, such as a cave, or dungeon.
2.Judges – a head shot on transpar…
This is a new fashion competition - reserving now and will be launched on Thursday 13th July for application shots but these can be done now if you choose.

This competition will reflect fashion trends through the decades. This goes from the 1920’s to the 1980’s so it is only has 7 ASSIGNMENTS plus ONE for the FINAL.

At each decade I will give you some backstory of the era. I know you won’t want a history lesson so it will only be a brief overview.

I will also outline the main style of clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyles of the time, this should help you when choosing a style for that era. You are also welcome to do your own research of course.  I have researched in Sims 4 and all eras I am covering have CC available, or have CC that could substitute for the era of the time. You may just need to search a bit. If you are having trouble finding things let me know and I will add links to some I am aware of. I know Sims 3 does have CC for vintage fashion as well.

If you are unsur…

Sophisticated Style - A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Sophisticated Style  A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Tips by Fashion Style Magazine. Some images by Analiya Vasilieva and Fashion Style Magazine.

NB: You may use your own shots as you please but the example images must be kept in the forum and cannot be copied anywhere in social media please. I have been given permission to use only a percentage of their images and want to respect their conditions that came with that permission.

To dress classy is all about elegance, sophistication, grace and finesse.