"Rags to Riches" Challenge

"Rags to Riches" Challenge for Sims 4

Hi all, 

I'm writing this on behalf of @mcrudd who has been doing the 'Rag's to Riches' challenge and shared it with us on our Sims 4 Aussie/NZ site. Several people found it interesting so I have made a thread especially for those that want to participate and have somewhere to share their 'rags to riches' stories or captions, videos and any other ideas that come up. I have added a goal for clarification and a couple more aspects making it possibly more challenging for those that like a challenge. Mine begins below. So here goes. 

Goal 1: If you prefer a short-term challenge, have $50,000 Simoleans in reserve + a fully furnished house and have earned $200,000, at least one child to continue the tradition to reach the goal amount. If you want a long-term challenge choose Goal 2.

Goal 2: For a longer-term challenge change your reserve simoleans to $1,000,000 and keep having children in generations to reach that goal. 

Instructions: Make a young adult male or female Sim with any aspiration, then once you have purchased your lot of any size reduce your money to 0 and change their aspiration to Fortune-Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. This way the automatic reserve of $10,000 will be gone. 
Traits: You may choose any traits for your Sim.

CC is allowed but only for their looks not for moodlets or needs changes.


* No cheats of any sort unless a reset is needed for glitches and MOO can be used
* Age set to normal.
* Choose any size lot and then using "Testingcheats on" then "money 0" will reduce your simoleans to 0.
* Start making money any and every way you can. eg. collections, painting, music and any other way you can think of with exception of retail and employment. Your Sim must stay unemployed. 
* No new clothes until you have at least a small house over your head and a dresser. 
* No cooking on grills or stoves until you have one from your earnings from other areas unless you have picked wild food growing around. She has no money to buy ingredients. You may eat other people's cooking however if it is sitting around. Once she can afford  a stove and refrigerator cook only single servings until you have reached the first goal of having $5,000 in reserve.
* No partners allowed to join you until you have a roof over your head and your young adult becomes an adult and before she ages to an elder. Your partner needs to be "In World" so they don't bring in any money into the household.
* Have one child before your Sim passes on to reach the goal. If you have no partner, then you must adopt a child.
* You may use the youth potion only once so pick and choose when you use it.
* Any other potions can be used freely, but only through earning perks.
* You are free to use whatever packs you have.

PS: A tip, once you have a partner still have your Rags to Riches Sim do the selling of any collectables as if any other Sim does, it is not tallied onto the Rags to Riches Sim's earnings or reserve. 

Well that's it folks, have fun and enjoy. Any questions, comments, queries or ideas, don't hesitate to put here. 


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