Sophisticated Style - A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Sophisticated Style  

A Sims 4 Fashion Competition

Tips by Fashion Style Magazine. Some images by Analiya Vasilieva and Fashion Style Magazine.

NB: You may use your own shots as you please but the example images must be kept in the forum and cannot be copied anywhere in social media please. I have been given permission to use only a percentage of their images and want to respect their conditions that came with that permission.

To dress classy is all about elegance, sophistication, grace and finesse.

Show your inner sophistication and style by dressing to impress. This competition is all about class and sophistication. There will be no eliminations and a final three will result in a total number of accumulated points.
Notes about jewellery:

  •            The classier the outfit, the less jewellery you need. Keep this in mind when you use jewellery with your outfits for this competition.
  •      Watches are also jewellery that can enhance any outfit if used to contrast the colours your model wears.
Only use either CC clothes or clothes from in-game. Replication of the examples is not allowed they are only there for inspiration. Points will be taken off if the entry is copied.

There will be 10 rounds and each round will encompass a particular coloured or mix of coloured outfits with specific accessories. The judging will include the following:
Wearing the given colour(s) outlined in the brief /10
·         Accessories that enhance and contrast your outfits /10
·         Most classy and stylish appeal /10
·         Relevant background (this can be in-game or google)  /10
·         Editing and proportion  /10

Giving a total of 50 possible points for each round.

These are our judges for this competition

These are the models.

Round 1 - Women in Black.

See Round 1 submissions here:


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