A New and Exciting Sims 4 Fantasy Writing and Modelling Competition - Mhybor's Harvest

1.          Mhybor’s Harvest (adapted from a Dungeons and Dragons module)

A writing, roleplay and modelling competition for keen fantasy fans and writers. I’ve tried to cater to a range of people with the mix of class characters I’ve chosen, so I hope you find it interesting!
It’s the first time I’ve even attempted to do this in a competition context, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions as we go along. Whether the information is too much, not enough room for your own creative writing, these are the sort of things I’ll need feedback about.
The length and timing of this competition will depend on participation and how the story evolves. I will be trusting you as players, and my judges, to help me review this as it goes along, but as a ball park figure I’d be giving between 10-14 days to complete each round.
I will provide some of the backgrounds for certain rounds as the shots will sometimes need to be taken in a specific location, such as a cave, or dungeon.

2.          Judges – a head shot on transparent please.
I would like 2 or 3 other judges including myself. But if you choose to be a judge, it will be a bit more relaxed in that scores and/or comments won’t need to be in for 3-4 days after the due date of any assignment (unless something unforeseen pops up and you need longer).
The timeline would need to be flexible, since there is reading attached to this competition. If you can make that commitment please volunteer. I understand things may come up, leading to delays, but to be fair to the contestants I like to try and get them up within a few days after all submissions are entered, especially since reading each story is involved. Comments will be optional. Thanks.

User Name:
Preferred Name:
Head shot on transparent:

3.          The Application (7 places only)
Choose a model for your application in your chosen class. It will be first come, first serve, so get in quickly to grab the character that suits you. Add your Race and your preferred name (see below). There is lots of great medieval outfits on google (as in my introductory shot) you can fit on you Sims, and some great CC can also be found as can some within the game, you just have to search. Write a brief history of your class and introduce your personality. Beargrim will be choosing his saviours for this quest and addressing each one himself so be prepared for a little role play!
I have chosen 7 classes along with a brief description of their traits below for this competition.
The Race of your character is up to you, but here are a few that I’m sure you’ve heard of before just in case you want to go all out and make an elf, dwarf or some other group.
Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Halfling, Half-orc, and Human. Each group has their advantages and disadvantages. If you have a preference for another race you can inform me.

Preferred Name:
Character Class:
Character Race:
Body Shot of your character on transparent:

Classes to choose from:
Barbarian: (A brute Fighter). The barbarian is a brutal berserker from beyond the edge of civilized lands.
Cleric: (A divine healer) A devout follower of a deity, the cleric can heal wounds, raise the dead, and call down the wrath of the gods. Effective against the undead.
Druid: (A naturalist with special powers over animals). The druid is a worshipper of all things natural—a spell-caster, a friend to animals, and a skilled shape changer. A druid can control animals to fight beside them, protect allies or attack enemies.
Ranger: (A tracker and hunter). The ranger is a creature of the wild and adept at tracking down his favoured foes. They believe in animal spirits and respect their existence, only hunting them for survival.
Rogue: (An effective collector of riches). The rogue is a thief and a scout, an opportunist that can haggle effectively, and if that doesn’t work, will steal what they want whilst efficiently discovering and disarming traps and other hurdles that stand in their way. They are capable of delivering brutal strikes against unwary foes whilst hiding in shadow.
Sorcerer: (A natural magic-user). The spellcasting sorcerer is born with an innate knack for magic and can have strange, eldritch powers. (Eldritch can be seen as a division of arcane magic, but can get additional power through pacts with fey, fiendish, or alien creatures, depending on their motives.)
Wizard or Mage: (A learned scholar of magic and alchemy). The wizard masters magic through constant study that gives him incredible magical power and they are adept at making potions. Wizards can have several familiars but are only able to use them one at a time.
Constitution is a term which covers the character’s physique, fitness, health, and resistance to battle. All classes need this characteristic.
Strength is the forte of fighters, for they must be physically powerful in order to wear armor and wield heavy weapons. So the Paladin, Fighter and Barbarian will have this trait naturally.
Wisdom is a mix of the character’s enlightenment, judgement, wile, will power, and (to a certain extent) intuitiveness. It is their major characteristic and of utmost importance to clerics.
Intelligence is the forte of magic-users, for they must be wise in order to correctly understand magic and memorize spells. A sorcerer has this innately. A wizard studies tomes to achieve this.
Charisma is the measure of the character's combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. However, an unattractive or non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to being strong in the other two aspects of this trait. It is important to all characters, as it has an effect on dealings with others, principally NPC’s (Non-Player Characters, mercenary hirelings, prospective traders, and some monsters).
Dexterity includes a number of physical attributes including hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, precision, balance, and speed of movement. Dexterity is the major characteristic of the thief/rogue class of character, and it affects their professional activities (such as picking pockets, opening locks, and so forth)
4.          Scoring
Following the brief accurately /10
*It is imperative that you read the brief as this will indicate how and where you present your class in the story, and through the picture but mainly the short story, you will cover each stage of the quest.
Suitable background and composition including other Sims/creatures if they are used. /10
*This means that if the brief is talking about a trip through a dungeon, for example, that the background, if not provided for you, is accurate to the location and storyline.
*This is more about the overall shot, with changing poses, expressions, accessories and weapons if you choose some, not the actual outfit and the composition of your shot. You may even choose to use the same outfit over and over but different poses, hair and locations as it is not a fashion competition.
Storyline /15
*The storyline will be continued through each round and so the judges and I will be seeing how well they are written, the content and how you continue the story’s relevance. Punctuation, spelling and grammar will be encouraged, but we will not be too pedantic on these unless it is too hard to understand as we don’t want to scare people off wanting to give this a go.
NB: Judges’ preference will always be a part of judging, but for this competition we will not be allocating points for this, as it is mainly about keeping the story going and how accurately you can present your character class in response to the relevant brief.
Bonus Points – up to 10 points per round can be earned. These are broken down as follows:
1.    Early submission (submit before the due date) –  up to 3 bonus points
2.    Story imagination (how well you can up the imagination ante) – up to 4 bonus points
3.    Extra props & people to enhance your overall shot (how these extras are portrayed in your write up photo) – up to 3 bonus points
NB: This could be the difference between winning placements in each round or not.
5.          The Game
I will be giving an introduction for your short narratives. Each character should respond in their short story as their particular class would, and role play their character as part of their written application and future rounds.
Would you like me to set up a PM for all the players involved in case you want to talk with each other as you are sort of working like a group?
Each round I will create a scenario that you can expand on through your character’s roll in your writing, accompanied by the continuity of the story. I will have a short sentence in each round for each class character, giving them a starter to their story, how you choose to use that starter in your writing is up to you. Dialogue is welcome.
Each round will delve deeper and continue the story. This will be how the rounds are set up. The short introduction I do to each assignment will hopefully kick-start your individual writing and keep it relatively consistent with the other players and I will adjust each assignment to incorporate all individual write ups. It will be exciting to see where each assignment takes us!
As a group you came from different realms to join forces in the undead incursion brought about by a vengeful magister until – united, the magister was vanquished and imprisoned in one of the many underworlds. You all forged a bond of friendship that has held you together even in more peaceful times. Joining IronHaven’s militia, you have fought many battles together but vary in your personalities and individual backgrounds.
But for now, Beargrim would speak with you.
“Forgive me, saviours of IronHaven. I brought you here to the heart of the wild Shadow Mountains of Oberron to battle an ancient evil threatening my village and all of Oberron.”
“I am Beargrim chieftain of my clan and leader of an order of druids known as the Gate-keepers. Thousands of years ago, a fearsome enemy came to Oberron from the Far Realm of Ralaxor. After a long and bitter struggle, my forefathers used ancient primal magic to bind these Lords of madness in the depths of Mhybar, the underworld of Oberron.”
 “A dark power of the Mhybar plains is once again growing strong in this place. Innocents are disappearing through evil deception. Many of my kin have been lured down into ancient caverns under a false face. Inside they are forced to undergo unspeakable transformations.”
“Some of my clan who escaped bear an eye on their brow, but they are not as they were. They have embraced dark dreams and fallen prey to the voice of madness. As you can see my son and only heir is one of the afflicted! He stirs every night, ventures somewhere then returns.”

“Please help my son and my clan to discover how this curse has befallen my Kin, or what manner of creature is behind it. We are a simple folk, but if this menace is not stopped, I fear we shall perish from this realm forever.”


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