Sims 4 Shiprecked Challenge

'Shipwrecked' A Sims 4 gameplay challenge

Meet Kacey Dawkins the unfortunate Victim of  her Birthday Cruise


**Outdoor Retreat is needed for this challenge
**Laundry Stuff Pack is also needed

You can make up your own introduction or use this if you want, this was just my starter but it can be anything...

On your first cruise to celebrate your 20th birthday, you encounter a cyclone that sends you off your course and exiles you on a remote island. Being the only known survivor and after recovering from the shock of your misfortune, you look around for any survivors but cannot find anyone at this stage so you set about trying to scrounge what you can from the shipwreck.
You are fortunate enough to find a freshwater creek that provides you with fresh water. The survival kits that are packed and provided for each guest on the cruise in the case of an emergency are sealed in a waterproof cooler. This is found floating in the shallows. You grab it and hastily open the kit to see what is provided. Your mobile phone is still working but has limited range on such an out-of-the-way island so far from any civilisation. 

OBJECTIVE: To survive until such a time where you can build up all lots on your island and populate them. On your island you must fill all spaces with lots and the largest one with a community lot of your choice. There are five lots four of which need to be filled with residential houses and the largest with a community lot of your choice.  Leave The Bluffs in tact as you can go there and find things.

Your Survival Kit contains the following: Buy these when you first arrive on the lot before changing your money  to $1,000

Use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat if need be to purchase some things below, that are unavailable normally, but some things will come automatically with activities. I wanted to include them in the survival kit for authenticity.

$1000 cash
A small esky (the 'Mega cooler').
A one-man fold up tent. ('Easy Camper Tent')
Washing board and tub ('Ole-Timmy's wash tub')
Detergent (get this through bb.showhiddenobjects).
One packet of starter vegetable and one packet of starter fruit seeds.(Some won't be in season but you can take that into account when planting.)
One rubbish bin ('CanDent Slatted Outdoor Trash Receptacle')
One ‘waterfall in a bottle’ (get this through bb.showhiddenobjects) (Only in Jungle Adventure but not essential.)
Some rope to use for a clothesline ('Model T Clothesline')
'Rocks of Fire' (for roasting fish and other food)
'Stumpy Chair' if you choose, but that is optional, as you can sit on the Mega Cooler
Fishing Rod (that will be there as soon as you begin fishing of course)
A few bits of cutlery/plates and matches
Watering can 
Hammer and Chisel, and some metal nails.
An axe
Blankets and a couple of candles.

To begin this challenge, please make a YA female or male sim. Ensure they have one everyday outfit, one summer outfit and one winter outfit. The other outfits won’t be used at the beginning, (except for the sportswear if you go jogging), but you are welcome to choose your outfits for each category for later. Remember you have been shipwrecked so have been left with only a few clothes on your back to begin with. You can use CC for your Sim’s look but not for any other things such as household furniture and things as they tend to be at a high level of comfort, yet cheap.

Begin your adventure in Spring so the harshest weather won’t come until you are further into the challenge.

Buy the Mid-nowhere lot in Windenburg. The island on the bottom left. Evict all Sims and demolish all lots until there are none remaining. Your mail won’t cost you much, so that can stay unless there is a way to stop it altogether. I'm not sure if this cheat stops the bills or pays them for you. testingcheats true then household.autopay_bills true You are to be left with only $1,000 so first spend what you need to purchase your survival kit.

After that, how you spend that money is up to you.

Once you have purchased your survival kit, adjust your money to $1000 Simoleons by using the ‘testingcheats true’ then ‘money 1000’. Use this wisely.

Out of this money, you may purchase...
*  A cheap shower. I used the 'It's a Shower Tarp' 
*  You may want to purchase garlic seeds so you are not vamped or not?

This should leave you with approximately $665 Simoleons

Y  Only use cheats mentioned above and MOO if your sim becomes stuck or you want to fit things in. No moodlet or other cheats are allowed.

Y  Aging must to be set to normal.
    Seasons must stay as they are and not altered.

Y  Any perks from skill building can be used.

Y  You can build money by collecting things and selling plants, fishing and any items found on the island. When the plants are out of season you may keep them in your family inventory for when they are in season.

Y  You may choose 2 people that cross your path but no more. (these are two other survivors you've come across) You may keep in contact with these 2 by your phone (since they are close by) or invite them over, to fulfil your Sim’s social need as often as needed, or speak with your plants once reaching that level. You must ignore anyone else that comes into contact. Your choice of partner may be any one of these two Sims or other "survivors" you come across once you have your own basic home built. Moving them in may not be done before that. (see below)

Y  She and/or he are the only other "survivors" you have found until you build up your own basic house and can meet other survivors...(including your partner if one of the two originals are not your chosen partner). If the sims you meet are elders, and they die before you can complete your challenge you may choose another Sim that comes along. You cannot change their aspirations, however until the "survivor" you choose moves in with you. 

Y  You can use the youth potion twice only.

Y  You can choose to use the ‘waterfall in a bottle’ whenever. Save it or use it.

Y  The ‘Anything Goes Party bush’ nearby your lot or anywhere else it is found, must be used until you can afford a toilet.

Y  Once you have enough money you can start to build your first home even if it is tiny and sell your tent if you have a bed. 

Y  You must stay unemployed from normal careers, but use either the flower arrangement or woodworking tables, honey making, selling your grown goods and anything else you could realistically make or use in the wilderness without making contact with the Windenburg populace as yet. Keep in mind you are in the wilderness so choose money-making options that would fit with the wilderness setting.

Y  Once you have made enough money, build a reasonable home for yourself with the basics; beds, toilet, shower, stove, fridge and laundry, plus anything else you want to add. You can now move your partner in. He or she will need to quit their job (if they have one) since they are a "survivor" as well. (You can also makeover your partner once they have moved in). Be frugal still, because you still need to build the other lots up in the meantime, before you venture out into the other worlds or (are rescued, so to speak) and have your own family. But now you have the two of you working at making money so money should come a bit sooner.

In other will have to weigh up the best way to do this through money-making ventures mentioned above and any others you can think of that fit with the wilderness setting. You'll have to take pot luck as to how much your partner brings in, however. LOL. Your partner can be one of the two you first came in contact with or another "survivor" you come across only once you have built you own basic home.

Y  Once you have built up the other lots with a basic house, you are rescued and can begin your own family. Your first child needs to reach school age, before you can get a normal career. Up to that point you are still using you own means to make money, but more options are available to you now. You have access to other options without needing to go to work, such as painting, writing, selling your goods on the retail shelves, busking etc., now you have joined the general populace of Windenburg and other worlds, so can populate the rest of your island, as long as you have built the lots up yourself.

       After this you may now hire gardener's, nannies and the like to make bringing up your 2 children easier. 
     In order to build on the other lots you need to go visit them and then build from there. If you have say, $12,000 and you build a house worth $10,500, you must adjust your total by typing 'money' and then adjust your own budget. In other words, in the above example I would now write in 'money' and then type in $1,500 which is the difference between what you had and what the house cost to build.
     There is no restrictions to build the residential lots up, they can be as expensive or cheap depending on your financial status at the time, just as long as they have a basic livable house on them and the community lot is also built. No CC allowed for building.

     You can populate the other lots with any sim OR if your own offspring or adopted children are of an age where they can move out. The adopted children must come as babies or toddlers however. You must end up with a minimum of two children.

      NB: You can use the 'manage worlds' option to move them into your lots. You do not have to fund them moving in or move them in with you, (unless they are your own children). If you choose to play those families in their own lots, they start with whatever they take with them just as your character did for this challenge. 
     Y  Once you have built up all lots and moved at least one Sim in, (your children or others) then you have completed the challenge. 

**Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or give feedback, suggestions or ideas related to this challenge. I haven’t played in-game for quite a while, so I am sure there are things I may have missed even though I'm testing this as we speak.**

I will make up a badge award for those that reach the objective if there is photographic evidence of your adventure in a story form or with shots and captions.

Below are the participants that have completed the challenge. 

        TheAmazingLee with                      Smoky1967 with
           Alice Driftwood                         Mackenzie Marshall



  1. I love challenges that start with as blank slate. Actually I have used this lot to challenge myself and know this can be done. Great job on setting this up. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ~ Read through it all, the first two Sims that cross your path, as in first sight? or can you pick & choose from the walk-bys? I am just a little lost from there! Is there any gole to meet to have children, or do you need to build a house first? Sorry if I am not very clear! PM me!OK Jen!

  3. ~ Moving them in will not need to happen as you can move any of the Townies or NPC's into a lot via Manage Worlds,click the two people,(they look to me like the Dutch dolls) in the right hand corner of the screen while on the entire world map or on your Neighbourhood map! A new pop-up will appear, in this their is your played households "My Households" or "Other Households" (My Households will contain the households you play in this Save,the Other Households are where you find NPC's & Townies you do not play!) When you click on one household in ether category a new pop-up will appear with that family, on the bottom right of that pop-up you will find several options you can use with that household,the first in line is "Transfer Sim Between Households" (The arrows) next is "Edit, Add, or Remove Sims from the Household in CAS" (the Pencil) Next is "Move a Household into a lot!" (A Moving Van/Truck)next to that is a heart, you click it to move your Sims from "Other Households" to "My Households" or visa-versa, then last is a "Rubbish Bin" icon,were you can of course Delete the Household from your saved world!
    ~ You can move Sims anywhere you want via manage worlds, & if you are not playing a Challenge you can use the cheat "freerealestate" to move any Sim anywhere with out any money hassles! ;)
    ~ If you need any help with play details PM me as I have played the Sims every day since they first came onto the market, & I know all the tricks to get a Sim fully skilled without cheating & I know most of the game play,so if you are stuck or have a thought on something you know I am here and will always help! OK, Jen talk soon!

    1. I'd forgotten about that, yes I use it all the time. I have adjusted the info again so have a look it should be much clearer now. There are some parts that may need to change once I'm at the latter stage, but that is why I've asked a few to help me test it.

  4. LOLZZZZZZZ I Found You On Google JEN!!!!!!! hahahahaaaaaaa I Was Searching For The "Get Famous Rags To Riches Challenge But No Luck ....... Many Are Playing It On Youtube And Twitch HUGZZZZZZ LADY! ♥

  5. Hi TexasTwangTanya ๐Ÿ˜€
    Rags to Riches Sims 4 Get Famous was probably originated on YouTube by James Turner. He rarely posts any official rules. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    While you are here Jen has several terrific challenges you may want to try. ๐Ÿ’•

  6. I am definitely going to try this one! I love doing scenarios in gameplay and this one so reminds me of Sims Castaway, which I personally adored! Thanks for the challenge and how exactly do we submit photos for proof? Do we do it at the end only or can I do like weekly updates on twitter and Instagram? I'm an old school gamer so that part I have in the bag no problem... It's learning how to do all this social media stuff that I don't have a clue about lol. I'm trying though!

    1. You can do it how you want, Smoky, just add them to the challenge section of the Sims site like a story or on a blog and I'll keep an eye out for them and you can let me know when you have an update.

  7. Couple of quick questions. Can we set lot traits and can we put in open air natural toilet bushes on the lots to use while foraging and hiking around the island? Can we put trees on the lots? Okay that's it, I promise lol

  8. Absolutely, that is essential in the early stages. There is one on the site where you start for that reason, but only if you have the money to do it. You may want to restrict how many you use as I found I had to go back to the original site and use it mostly. Trees are fine if you can afford it, with the restricted amount of money, if you can do that go for it.

    Ask as many questions that you need to Smoky , that is what I'm here for.

    1. I'm glad you said that as I've come up with more. Are the other residential lots supposed to have houses on them or be vacant lots and can we create npcs that will join in as survivors or must they be preset townies? Lastly, can we do hot and cold weather outfits because our sims automatically change into them anyway. I want the experience to be as authentic as possible. Trying to create a back story in my head. Thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions

  9. The lots must be made vacant before you start, until such a time when you can afford to build a small house on them and one commercial lot later in the challenge.

    No NPC's can be made, you must choose 2 that happen to cross your path during the early stages of the challenge. The others must be ignored. The only exception to that rule is that if none of those that cross your path become your partner, you are allowed to stop one other NPC of the many that cross your path with the intention to make them your partner later on.

    Yes hot and cold weather outfits are a must. Read the intro and rules well as most of these questions will be answered for you, but don't hesitate to ask me if you are unsure of anything

  10. Hope that has clarified things for you, Smoky

  11. oh yes, sorry. lot traits are your choice

  12. I Can't wait to read your first chapter, Smoky, let me know as soon as you have okay?

    1. I will. I'm making my sim right now lol. So exciting!!!

  13. I will be starting my second round today if that is okay. I messed up the first one by buying some stuff to soon I'm afraid and then the poor girl got struck by lightning. I hope do overs are allowed? also, so I don't make the same mistakes twice, when should I bring a workbench into the story. when she can afford it or after she has made her way to the populace? thanks so much for all your help in this and for the challenge too! Happy simming!

    1. Whenever you can afford the bench, Smokey without leaving yourself too short of Simoleans. Yes you do have to pace yourself with money in this challenge or you will find yourself in hot water.

  14. My first story installment for the challenge...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi Jennifer! I hope you are well. Here is my second installment for the shipwrecked challenge. I estimate I will submit 3 more pieces to this story to complete it. Have a great day!

  17. Got it and have commented. Great second installment. Can't wait for the next one.

  18. I've submitted part 3 and the conclusion to the challenge story. At the bottom of the conclusion you will find links to both gameplay photos and also pics I took to prove participation. You may contact me here. Thanks again for this terrific challenge!

  19. Hi Jen! Hopefully you remember me from the official forums. :) I've been doing the 100 Baby Challenge, but it was getting tedious and my Sims are rich now. I tend to get bored when my Sims are rich and look around for another challenge to play. I love the Rags to Riches style of gameplay where my Sims start out with nothing and work their way up to success.

    I remembered this challenge and have been meaning to try it, so I started playing it a couple days ago. I'm doing it just a touch different though. I didn't give my Shipwrecked Socialite - Olivia Devereux, the starter items. She began with nothing except an outside trash can ala R2R style.

    I'm not blogging about her story or anything either, just playing and taking a few screenshots now and then. I did make up quite a lengthy backstory for her though to explain how she ended up shipwrecked on Windenburg Island. I can post it here along with her progress so far if you like or in your forums thread? Let me know! :)

  20. Okay, well I guess you don't use your blog much anymore. I'm close to finished with this challenge now. Olivia just needs to build the community venue. I'm thinking a Spa would be good there. She doesn't have a partner yet. Not sure if she actually needs to have one? Except for the two children requirement. Could she just find someone after she's rescued? She was going to get with Akira, but he's almost an elder now and the only Sims wandering on the Island seem to be teen/children scouts, adults and elders, no YA.

    Please let me know if you check on here soon. Thanks! :)

    P.S. There's always Caleb, but not sure if she wants to go the vampire route. lol

  21. Hi Karababy,
    I use this blog all the time, but have been playing a game recently and haven't checked back for a while. Your Sim doesn't need to have married anyone, just have a partner move in and either adopt or have 2 children. But she must have the partner and the first child at school age before you are rescued. Hope this answers your question. As for your shots, you can put them in the forum or start your own thread within the challenge thread or even here in mine if you like, so I can see how you went about it and make you a badge for your siggy if you want one once you have completed it.

  22. Thanks for answering my questions. I'm a little confused though. The rules say,

    "Once you have built up the other lots with a basic house, you are rescued and can begin your own family. Your first child needs to reach school age, before you can get a normal career."

    According to this, she just needs to have a basic house and the community lots built to be rescued and THEN can start a family. Having the first child reach school age just means she could start a normal career, if she wishes. Did the rules change and just haven't been updated?

    Olivia has all three residential lots built, two 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom identical cabins for a single Sim or couple, and one 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin for a small family. She's currently working on her Spa for the community lot but I think I made it too big. lol Just the shell has taken a little over half of the simoleons budgeted for it. o.O I guess she needs to hammer out a few more tubs to complete it. Plus, she finally got a Dragonfruit from a graft! Yay! Those will help since she has five plants now. It's Winter so they're inside, which I hope is allowed?

    Anyway, I do of course plan for her to have a partner. It's just that the one she wanted is too old now and the other survivor is Olivia Kim Spencer Lewis, a teen. I suppose she could partner with her once she grows up and adopt. But in my backstory, she was previously married to a man. I didn't originally perceive her as an lgbtq Sim. The pool of possible other shipwreck survivors has dwindled otherwise, as mentioned in my post above.

    So I had planned that she would be rescued and find love in Windenburg. But if her partner must be another survivor, I guess she'll just have to wait until an eligible bachelor shows up. The game is probably going to cull a bunch of premades soon anyway and generate more Sims. Hopefully a suitable partner will be among them. *sigh*

    I just wanted a spin on this challenge where Olivia does everything herself to survive & thrive (building, gardening, fishing, breeding frogs, tending her bees, etc.) which changes her from a spoiled Socialite to a self-sufficient Sim with a better appreciation and understanding for her fellow Sims who have never had the advantages she's previously enjoyed. :)

    I suppose I could move in Akira before he ages to an elder and quickly have them try for a baby, maybe set the On Ley Line lot trait too for twins. Actually, I think elder men can still impregnate, right? Hmmm....

    I didn't take very many screenshots, just a few when she was first shipwrecked, her first little cabin, a few of her fishing by one of the cabins she built and one inside her current cabin looking all smug at the woodworking table. lol So there really isn't a lot to show progression per se. I can take some shots of her cabin, those she's built and the Spa once it's finished though.

    I don't use a siggy on the forum, otherwise, thank you for the offer! :) I'll PM her backstory to you on the forum. Thanks again for this challenge, it's been a lot of fun! Let me know about my new question and idea for her partner. <3

    1. I meant before you apply for a normal career, sorry, my bad.

  23. If you would like to have her do everything herself, she can adopt the two children and find love after the rescue in Windenburg, that is fine and would make things more interesting and challenging so go for it!

  24. Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up! Thanks also for agreeing to Olivia finding her partner and have two children after she's rescued. Since that's allowed, I don't know if she'll adopt. Although, I've never adopted any children in this game, so that might be fun. I'd also be able to check it off my list of things I haven't done for my own personal, "Git Er Done" challenge. lol

    I'll most likely just find her a partner and they'll have their own biological children though, but we'll see... Actually, she might even meet her partner at the Spa she's building. That would be cool eh? :)

    Probably won't get in game again for a couple hours. I don't play my game when Hubby is still awake. Usually too busy helping him with stuff, getting dinner, housework, and just spending some time with him when I can. Our sleep schedules are the opposite of each other, so I'm up all night while he sleeps and that's when I play.

    Anyway, I'll get those screenshots tonight and try to post them early tomorrow morning along with what's been happening up to this point in the challenge, but I'll PM her backstory to you now on the forum. I love this challenge and I can see myself playing it again, probably more than once! Maybe next time I'll actually blog about it... maybe... lol

  25. That's fine as long as you stick to when you have your first child, making money is the same as you have been doing, and once he/she becomes a child you can then seek "normal" careers.

  26. Look forward to hearing your backstory and how you went.


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