A new Competition for your Sims and their pets/animals


Sims in various comps that I've either run or been in seem to enjoy posing their Sims with their Pets or other animals. That is what gave me the idea for this competition. [b]It is primarily a scenario competition for Sims and their Pets/animals.[/b] It will be a competition on how well you can present your male or female Sim with their pets/animals in a variety of situations, such as a rescue, or in the wild etc. You are to dress your model and their animal/pet for a variety of different circumstances. Obviously, it would be good to have cats and dogs for this competition, but you can use google animals if you don’t and/or use those we do have in Sims 3 or 4. 

I am putting this out to see if there is enough interest to set this competition in motion. Depending on interest, I will launch next month sometime.

Sims 3 and 4 are welcome as are male or female models.  The different rounds will incorporate a variety of animals to keep the competition interesting, but will also include cats and dogs.

There will be 6 rounds and a final. So, 7 rounds altogether. You will need to be happy to use CC or google for some of the rounds, but any could easily be done in-game.

So there will be 2 main aspects of this competition. 
1. How you dress your model to suit the situation.
2. How you pose your model with your animal. 
3.    [b] Optional[/b] captions for explanation or short statement for your shot.

Marked out of a total of 20 points from points 1 and 2 above.

**There will be no restrictions on editing after submitting except that if you re-edit, you must not change the picture, and please inform me once you have, so I can update your submission**

**There will be no eliminations unless we have an influx of contenders**

The usual rules apply. 

*Please support each other and enjoy the competition
*No photo-skinning or face plastering
*Drawn or vector hair is acceptable
*Only CC clothing or maxis-made, some google clothing is fine too. 
*If specific accessories can't be found in-game or with CC then google accessories can be added, including the animals for a few of the rounds.
*In-game, drawn or google backgrounds are allowed
*Extensions for 48 hours maximum and if you ask at least 24 hours in advance, before the due date, as I realise RL can get in the way at times.
*Each Round will last 5-7 days depending on how quick the round entries are submitted. As a general rule 7 days will be the maximum. 
*Edits are allowed. You may adjust lighting, shade, etc., up until midnight on the due dates, unless stated otherwise if it is not a different shot, and you inform me so I can display the most updated version.
*Please check-in after judging and seeing the new assignment.
*hairstyles and colour may change but eye colour and other genetics must stay the same unless specified otherwise.  

NB: If at any time you need the rounds earlier for one reason or another please let me know and I'll PM them to you so you can get your entry in. Just send it to me via PM and I will put it up for you around the same time as the other contestants as I know RL can get busy at times.

Application will only need to be just a chest upshot of the Sim on transparent, which you can use throughout the competition and I will use for awards later.


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