MySims Legacy Challenge

On this Page I've decided to add links to MySims Legacy Challenge, produced and developed by Alexis3142.

Alexis has developed a very interesting Challenge based on 20 generations with each generation based on different MySims Trophies found in the game.

Go here for the full details of Alexis' Challenge...

Generic Rules
1. You must complete the MySims Trophies (Collectables) Collection by the end of the challenge/ legacy
2. Money cheats can be used, but don't go overboard
3. You can follow any legacy succession rules you want here is the link: challenge-rules-succession-laws/.
4. Lifespan on normal or long, you can decide (I would recommend long because some of these generations are difficult)
5. You can use the Potion of Youth once per generation
6. If you fail to complete the rules for that generation you do not have to start over, you can just leave it up to the next generation to complete.

*Your Heir and following do not have to be named or resemble the MySims of that generation if you would like you can, but they can look like whatever they want to and be whatever they want to be*

I will add the stories as they go along on their own pages. 

Below is a list of the generation-based MySims Trophies from 1-20

Gen 1  - Chef Gino                                          Gen 11 - Lyndsay
Gen 2  - DJ Candy                                          Gen 12 - Buddy
Gen 3 -  Elmira Clamp                                   Gen 13 - Morcubus                               
Gen 4 -  Ol' Gabby                                          Gen 14 - Goth Boy
Gen 5 -  Hopper                                               Gen 15 - Jenny
Gen 6 -  Poppy                                                 Gen 16 - Yuki
Gen 7 -  Violet                                                  Gen 17 - Leaf 
Gen 8 -  Dr. F                                                    Gen 18 - Zombie Carl
Gen 9 -  Tobor                                                  Gen 19 - Trevor Verily
Gen 10 - Chaz McFreely                                 Gen 20 - Gonk


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