MySims challenge - Chapter 1 - Gen 1

MySims Legacy - Chapter 1 - Chef Gino

My rules for Alexis3142's legacy are as follows:

Gender Law - Female Founder
Bloodline - Strict Traditional - Natural born child
Heir - First Born
Species - Human only
Traits - randomly chosen for non-heirs only, through the random generator.
Age - Long

This Generation is based on the MySims, "Chef Gino" His description is "Gino's skill in a kitchen is matched only by his sense of Melodrama. The tiniest thing goes wrong and he's "ruined". To date, Gino has been ruined 9,685 times.

Meet Gianna Rosenthal

Gianna is the youngest granddaughter of the famous "Chef Gino" of "Gino's Gourmet Pizzeria" His Italian speciality cooking although problematic at times, always drew a large crowd and his pizzas gained world popularity. Gianna spent many memorable times cooking with her Nonno and that is where she drew her inspiration to create fabulous dishes. She enjoys cooking and eating good quality food but has a habit of dropping things and tripping over. This clumsiness sees her experiencing bouts of depression and gloominess but she's determined to aspire to her grandfather's expertise.

"Hi, I'm Gianna. Brought up in a strict Italian family where Nonno e Nonna raised me after my mother and father died when I was a teenager. Nonno was a Master Chef in a renowned Italian restaurant and he taught me all I know about cooking and Nonna introduced me to baking. This is my journey to becoming the first female Master Chef in our large family. The rest of the family believe I won't make it saying that the men in the family should be the only master chefs. I'm determined to make it happen for myself and for Nonno and Nonna, who  are the only ones that believe in me."

My mum and dad left me this old house for when I came of age so this is where my story begins. "My God this place is such a dump!" I arrived there one evening and the place looked okay but really not a house I would have chosen for myself, but it's all I have so I should be really grateful."  

"Oh my gosh! mum and dad this is's." Every room was a different colour and floral rugs and plants lay everywhere. I went to bed more depressed and upset than ever. "Maybe if I sleep well this will all look better in the morning." 

The next morning the cool breeze and sunshine made everything seem better. I walked out the front and took a hard look around. "Hmm...this is not so bad, I can live with this. Once I start working, I can change things and make it my own."

That afternoon, I got a knock on the door and a little kid walked inside and began chatting away to me then he sat down and began doing his homework. 
" hi, what's your name?"
"Alexander. Could you help me with my homework please."
"Sure but why--"
"Thanks, my mum and dad are always busy."
"Didn't your mum teach you about talking to strangers?"
"Yes, but you are going to be a great mum, so I thought I'd ask you."

"What makes you think that? I could be a serial killer for all you know."
" have much more important things to do."
My jaw dropped to the ground when he said that. "How do you know anything about me, you've just met me."
"Dunno, just a feeling."
I went on and helped him with his homework and then he left just like that.

Alexander came back almost every day. After his homework one day, I baked him some brownies which he ate heartily.
"You are a great cook Gi."
"Thanks...I want to become a great chef one day."
"Yep, thought so. You should cook heaps more, a group of neighbours will visit you tomorrow."
"They will? How do you know?"
"When a new person moves in they always visit with a fruit cake, but don't eat it, tastes horrible. They reckon it's an old recipe passed down from their family, but if you ask me it is just old."

The next day, just as Alexander had said, three neighbours visited me and presented me with a fruit cake that I subtly put away in the fridge. I had prepared cheese on toast with my special herb mixture added and they were stunned when I offered them something to eat. They introduced themselves as Summer Holiday, Liberty Lee and Travis Scott.
"Wow! Food for us, how nice," Travis said.
I talked about myself and told them a bit about my background and wanting to become a Master Chef. "
"This is so good, no wonder you want to become a chef, Summer said."
"So when did you move in here? This place has been abandoned for quite some time now," Liberty asked.
"A couple of days ago and something really weird happened on the first day I arrived. A kid turned up on my doorstep asking me to help him with his homework. I couldn't believe it."

Liberty rolled her eyes. "That would be Alexander Goth," he has been to us all at one time or another. His family is the centre of Scandal. I feel sorry for those kids."
"Kids, plural? They have another?" I asked.
"Yep, Cassandra is their teenage daughter, and she is a strange one that is for sure," Liberty said.
 Summer stared into the air. "Mm...yes, something really eerie goes down at that place. Some say his mother was taken by Aliens and disappeared off the face of the Earth, literally, for a time."
"They live in that creepy old place up on the hill, and they say while Bella, his wife was wherever Mortimer had affairs," Liberty added.
"Don't know why he would, Bella was a gorgeous creature that all the men drooled over."
"Including you, Travis Scott," Liberty laughed.

They continued to gossip amongst themselves about The Goths so I got up to do the dishes and as always I almost broke the plates I washed. I had very few sets of crockery left, I'd broken so many.

Thank goodness they were busy arguing and gossiping, they didn't see what a klutz I was. 

Summer ended up being a good friend and it turned out she was working at the same place as me, so whenever I slumped into the glooms she always helped bring me out of the doldrums.
"I applied for a cooking apprenticeship even though I thought I am much better than the average person with all the valuable lessons from Nonno and Nonna. I got the job but guess what? Only as a dishwasher would you believe?"
"Well, you have to start somewhere Gi. It's where I began, but don't worry you'll soon climb the ranks, because you are better than even some of the head cooks at that place."
"Thanks, Summer, you are a good friend."

She was right, even after the first couple of weeks of work I was promoted. Only to head dishwasher but it meant I was on the way up. It helped that I took in some samples of my cooking to my colleagues and I saw my boss raise his eyebrows a few times. I'm glad I made them at home, however as it wasn't all roses when I cooked.

"Damn it, mum and dad couldn't you have left me with at least a washing machine." In between washing by hand...

...Trying to exercise to keep up with everything and...

...feeding myself I managed to keep working at being a Chef and despite the down days, including getting new ideas by watching cooking shows. Things began to look up socially as well, including my love life.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Gianna's rise to fame as a Master Chef and in her social life.

Go here for chapter 2


  1. Finally got around to finishing the first chapter. It's been sitting open in my tabs for so long because I was busy having a baby. Love the story so far.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the story, Shadami. I will be putting up more chapters after a bit of a setback with my health, but all coming good now.

  2. Congratulations on the new bub, boy or girl?


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